Inspiration of Charles Taze Russell (not to be confused with Watchtower Inc. inspiration) is Not be taken lightly

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Brief Bulletted Notes on Charles Taze Russell who in fact was not the absolute founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  • For it’s time Charles Taze Russell was ahead of anyone of it’s time though apart of non-sectarianism Christendom. Both John Newbrough* and Charles Russell Christianized and that can be found in both of their early writings.
  • The Spiritualist movement which lasted for 33 years starting in Hydesville, New York which mechanized into a sect around 1880.*[see note on bottom]
  • Russell in fact was Against what Rutherford was doing. This can be shown in letters from Russell. Judge Rutherford in fact was the creator of the sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • The New World Translation and the King James Bible are in fact very good translations of the Nicean Creed Writings. These writings were the Canon of what we know as the Constantine Bible.
  • Russell wrote immensely; over 50,000 pages. In 1881, he founded Zion’s Watch Tower Tract, however this was his magazine.  Herald of Christ’s Presence and the six volume set of The Divine Plan of Ages were also apart of his writings.
  • He was the Sole writer of multiple magazines until his death. During the Court proceedings his answers to how the New World Translations developed even question Spiritualists who believe in the so called “fourth dimension” to this day (ie. Automatic Writings).
  • The name of his writings called “Watch Tower Tract Society” was adopted by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. His inspiration was taken over by the Watchtower Inc sect. Herald was adopted by the Associated Bible Students.
  • His beliefs even on the purity of the Levites were very well founded for the time.
  • It is true that the word Jehovah was first developed in the 16th century and the word Jehovih the 19th century.

Charles Taze Russell was unquestionably an inspired and revolution in Christendom that questioned Christianity which developed the dogmas and man made doctrine that were absolutely Not in the Ezra Bible and Contatine Bible. The Jehovah’s Witness are trained and are very well versed in both the Old and New Testament.

Again, even though he was Christianized he was A manifestation of progression in of Men like what Thomas Paine writings and the Quaker revolution were for their time.


A sect or a creed in fact is against Jehovih’s Policy ever since his son abandoned the Essean sect, which was in fact a true sect of its time. That sect did not last very long with the establishment of Jehovih’s Angelic participants abandoned. Jehovih had said that I will have no more sect or creed after what happened to the Essean sect.

*In 1848 was the establishment of a new era; 1881 and 1914 all accord to what prophets use as times of prophesy.

**Newbrough was giving specific instructions not to read the Oahspe in 1881. He did not read it; if he would have read it he knew he would have been an outcast and he/his friends would himself had disagreement over it. He was not Tae; but he obeyed instructions about his diet [and he, himself desired for spiritual answers] and didn’t understand sectarianism as the aggregate of the population will in future times. The Oahspe was volatile to his 19th century Christian friends and he did isolate himself after what he saw what was written.

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