What can be said about what is hidden, disclosed or left secret?

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Faithists do not go about saying or preaching this or that, it is shown by the aggregate of people’s daily life [whether ripe or unripe]. The Oahspe is well known as a scripture that is hidden and disclosed from view since the particularily the internet came out.

As far as the Urantia Book (which in it self practices having no creed or sect as the Oahspe displays to do) has a lot of words like “we think”, “many of us believe” (referring to angels), and so on. The authors Urantia had a hidden view [I fail to disclose that they were unripe or ripe angels] of the Sacred History of the Oahspe. The I-hins were a very small group of people and the natural born iesus were even smaller group of those that lived in this earth.

Most people had no understanding that the Oahspe even existed [AND that was Jehovih's plan].

Now let’s take a look at what is said about Wika and the falsities of definition that are portrayed.


[wik-uh] Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun (sometimes initial capital letter) witchcraft, esp. benevolent, nature-oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions.

From Dictionary.com

This is not an occult that some people say of.  An occult is something that is “hidden scriptures, secret or disclosed ie. hidden from view”.  This practise has been around for thousands of years and was more prevelent thousands of years ago when in this situation woman (witchcraft) worshiped man born of woman (Isis, Arawn, Thor etc.).

The Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth talks about unripe womans’ fasinations of being treated as almost royalty or a princess. The selfishness of being in communication of the highest of Gods or the fasination of what that looks corpereal [or earthlike]. That’s the aggegate of the selfishness Wicca boils down to.

…It is dangerous and un-selflessness. Selflessness is the essence of Faithism (not the creed of or of this group’s salvation) but an individual selfless establishment.

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