Brahma (A suis during the time of Cpenta-Armiji)

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  1. A suis of grade 99, during the time of Cpenta-Armij. With the coming of Brahma is the end of the I’hin race in Shem. Had a star above his forehead, being the light of Ormazd of the second heavens. Called Brahma because of his great wisdom.
  2. Lead into the country of Etchoyosin, where the Zarathustrian religion had been enforced by the sword. Brahma was a man previously striving to be purged of all earthly thoughts.
  3. Married Yu-tiv who also could see the star of Brahma. Yu-tiv bore six sons with faith in Ormazd (Jehovih).
  4. While the state of unbelief was upon both Brahma and Yu-tiv they bore a seventh son named hog. They were both told by God to remain faithful another 18 years (when Hog was 21 years old).
  5. On Hog‘s 21st birthday (the day of the maturity of man) the light of Ormazd came upon Brahma’s family. All heard the manifestation of Ormazd but Hog. In his old age Brahma had attained iesu.
  6. Jehovih will establish his kingdom through Brahma and all of his sons, according to their names. Vede writes down the words that become the Vedas.
  7. In forty days the Veda was complete and Brahma and his family went forth preaching throughout Vind’yu. The true followers (Faithists) called themselves not Brahmins, but Vedans (after the Veda scriptures)

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