Origin of the Ezra Bible of the Old Testament

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  1. Looeamong says to Thoth: “Go tell mortals I am the same, who wrought wonders for the Israelites.” Thoth thereafter employs seven hundred thousand angels, to inspire Ezra and his scribes to write the Ezra Bible. Looeamong, in these things sinned not against Jehovih, for he did not cause his own name, Looeamong, to be made worshipful. However, the books were put on record by men and interpreted by men. Groups that are more biblically-based in their doctrine tend not to be trinitarians (see http://www.watchtower.org/library/ti/index.htm and http://www.heraldmag.org/olb/ under doctrine).
  2. The Exodus of the Hebrews (Book of Exodus of the Ezra Bible) was written by Feh-ya at Kaona. The book of Genesis was written by Akaboth and Dueram and Hazed. The inspiration of Genesis was from Osiris (the false) and his angel emissaries, mainly of Yotabba and Egupt.
  3. Regarding the ages of men in Genesis, the latitude between their ages became confounded with fact but with no intent to deceive. However, the records were so voluminous (being more than 6,000 books), that the scribes of Ezra could make neither head nor tail of them.
  4. The Ezra Bible was compiled and established by Ezra, in Jerusalem, and completed in the year 2344 B.K. The Koran (scripture of the Mohammedans) tells us that Ezra was thought to have been the son of God by many Jews of the time.

(See the basis of the Ezra Bible)

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