The “necessity” of suffering and spiritual growth

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  1. Trials are as nutriment to one’s spiritual growth.
  2. Without suffering, some that are bound wouldn’t know they are bound, or, if knowing, wouldn’t desire freedom.
  3. Mortals are in the embryotic state; they haven’t even been born yet.  More are trials and exertions to be desired in this life than ease and enjoyment. Those that have great pleasures and enjoyments in this life, waken up as babes in heaven. Nevertheless, severe trials are a great injustice to any man.
  4. “Let no man shirk from the trials I (Jehovih) put upon him, for in so doing he robbeth his own soul.”

(Book of Knowledge 2:25): The trials of the flesh to man are as nutriment to his spirit‘s growth. And yet, think not that thou shouldst rejoice in thy neighbor‘s trials, saying, it is good for his spirit‘s growth. But as Jehovih gave all He had, and thus made all things, be thou like unto Jehovih, and give to the man in trial, lest thou robbest thyself.

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  1. Interestig view on suffering. It’s the opposite of the normal view.

  2. Referring to man-made doctrines and dogmas usually, no. However, in the:

    Jefferson Bible: Yes
    Taoism: Absolutely, including the abnegation of Self.
    Constantine Bible: Yes

    Regarding the four major religions {refereed to as FOUR corners}:
    Christian-ism {the practice of Ism}: Yes
    Mohammedanism: Charity is a huge factor in practice with the few; it is in the Koran.
    Hinduism: The Zarathustra apart of the scriptures, yet altered would many would say yes however the aggregate of India and Buddhism involves Icon-ism and Mammon-ism.
    Buddhism: Philosophers and monks in that culture are highly regarded unlike the United States. Icon-ism is prevalent, yet not among the best of Buddhists. Rss