Cycles/Times (Cyclic coil in the great beast)

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  1. Approximations (~) of the last 25,000 years:
    • From Kosmon (1848 AD), back to Moses and Capilya (~1550 BC), 3,400 years.
    • From Moses and Capilya to Brahma and Abraham (~3950 BC), 2,400 years.
    • From Brahma and Abraham to Zarathustra (~7050 BC), 3,100 years.
    • From Zarathustra to Osiris (~10350 BC) the first, 3,300 years.
    • From Osiris to Thor (~13,550 BC), 3,200.
    • From Thor to Apollo (~16,350 BC), 2,800.
    • From Apollo to Sue (~19,550 BC), 3,200 years.
    • From Sue to Aph (~23,150 BC), 3,600 years (totaling 25,000 years from Kosmon to the commencement of Aph‘s cycle, or 24,000 years from Kosmon to the coming of Aph and the flood).
  2. The time of a cyclic coil in the great beast: When men make a God of riches, and of supposed sciences and learning.
  3. The two extremes that forerun the change of the Gods and Saviors in heaven: These are, extreme disbelief and extreme belief.

Etherean Times

  1. In the time of Apollo, man in his present form was brought into being on the earth. The first prophets were raised up from other than the I’hin race. The I’huan became capable of hearing the voice of the Lord understandingly.
  2. In the time of Osiris, the light and knowledge that had been with the I’hins merged among the Ghans and the I’huans. The zodiac (onk) was established among men, and man’s mind was turned away from the consultation of familiar spirits.
  • Cycles are each about 3,000 years
  1. Arc of Wan: During the time of the creation of man, under Sethantes, who was the “First God of the earth and her heavens.”
  2. Arc of Anakaron: Under Ah’shong (2nd God of earth and her heavens).
  3. Arc of Gimmel: Under Hoo Le.
  4. Arc of Yan: Under C’pe Aban.
  5. Arc of Yahomitak: Under Pathodices.
  6. Arc of Somgwothga: Under Goemagak.
  7. Arc of Srivat: Under Goepens.
  8. Arc of Hohamagollak: Under Hycis.
  9. Arc of Jusyin: under See’itcicius.
  10. Arc of Nu: Tenth cycle under Miscelitivi.
  11. Arc of Su’le: under Gobath.
  12. Arc of Siyan: Under F’aiyis.
  13. Arc of Oleganaya: Under Zineathaes.
  14. Arc of Manechu: Under Tothsentaga.
  15. Arc of Seigga: Under Nimeas.
  16. Arc of Arbroohk: Under Neph.
  17. Arc of Noe: Under Aph (the period of the flood).

…(after flood)

  1. Under Sue.
  2. Under Apollo.
  3. Under Thor.
  4. Under Osiris.
  5. Under Fragapatti.
  6. Under Cpenta-armij.
  7. Under Lika.


(present era)

  1. When the world approacheth dan’ha in Sabea. The year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of Kosmon (1848). When the western continent is inhabited across from east to west the dawn of the new cycle has begun. Jehovih’s people will be the best of men, wise and charitable, fulfillers of good works and living up to his commandments.

The angels of Jehovih shall descend upon the earth in every quarter with great power during the Kosmon.

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