Faithism: What is a Faithist and an Uzian

Posted by Emjay | Posted in Intro | Posted on 12-05-2012

Faithists have very specific beliefs, more specific than any other Faith. Once the Cyclical Coil of the Great Beast know in the Oahspe happens in the future Faithists will be the best of the Christians, best of the Mohammedans, best of the Brahmins, and best of the Buddhists through a revolution of mankind. The Druks, Yak, and many of the I'huans have gone to destruction, being not capable of everlasting life. The majority of races we have to day living are the Ghans, which are capable of upward inspiration. Uz is the fourth dimension of corpor. The meaning of Uzians signifies destroyers. They are not working out their own salvation with Jehovih and the Uzians (known as the world's people) are embellished in sin. Keep this in mind of what Jehovih has said:

This also have I, thy Lord, proven in the world: that they who fall from the light of the Father, lose their symmetry and beauty of proportions.

We are not looking for a church or sects. Jehovih is ever present and not exclusive and Iesu, talked about in the Oahspe, is the ultimate salvation of the soul. There are two kind of people, those who are service to others and make covenants to Jehovih and the other being the Uzians. And Jehovih has given the numbers of the Beast who are service to others, and they shall be called UZIANS. A higher grade of people, meaning service to others, is about to form out of these four religions. Referring to the four beasts known in the Bible and other texts: the names of the heads of the Beast are known as BRAHMIN, BUDDHIST, CHRISTIAN and MOHAMMEDAN. And they divided the earth over 2,000 years into sects and sub-sects, creating armies and teaching falsely though their man-made doctrines. The Oahspe claims that Sacred History, and as a Book of Law and Cosmogony along with many other things..

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