The Tree of Language.

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The Tree of Language.


China, India, Europe and America, the four branches of the earth, languages from one root. What wasthe tree, and where grew it, that none can find it? Where lieth the submerged continent, the forgottenworld? Whence escaped the struggling mortals, to float to far off continents, and tell the tale in alllands of a mighty flood?

PAN, (of language) the first guttural sounds approximating words.

POIT, beginning of labial word-sounds.

HUIT, first acquiesced language.

FUS, first written word-signs.

CHINE, monosyllabic.

YI-HA, combination words.

ABRAM, first words; original text.

FONECE, following the sound, but notthe signs. (writing)

AHAM, amalgamation.

EBRA, the old; the sacred.

SANSCRIT, mixture.

ARABA, (first Egyptian also) 'Teeth and thorax.'

ALGONQUIN, after the sacred name E-Go-Quin.


I am to perish. I, being SAPHAH, am of the perishable. I am of the earth perishable history. I am the dying history not dead; the legends; the skeleton of a one time giant. In my youth I was science and philosophy, religion. I reach into all the nations of the earth; distance with me is nothing; time nothing. I was as a tree of life in time long past, the devotedly loved SON OF LIGHT. The fruit I bore fed all the inhabitants of the earth. But the flesh of the fruit hath perished; the seed still liveth. My seed is in languages, in words, in rocks and ruined walls; in fallen temples and buried cities. These are the remnants of my corporeal body; in these my last days my remnants, that were once the living members of my body, shall forth and speak their parting words to the new born Kosmon. Hear ye these, my sons and daughters; O ye that search for the light of ages past, but find not. I am the book of the past, of the things that are past; of the corporeal world perishable.







1. Pan said: I am the earth; the first habitable place for man; I am beneath the water. Being submerged, my name survives. My words are man's first words. On the continent of Pan were words first used by man.

2. I am the 'Ah', signifying earth. I am earth words. I am the dispersed language. From me, Pan, came all earth languages. In all nations I am found. I deliver up; by me shall man know Him Who sent me. By His angels I was given to mortals; by them brought forth in this day.

3. Pan said: My steadfast lieth in the East. I founded the words of China and India. Fonecia and Ebra are my offspring. By the tribes of Faithists was I carried over. Egoquim founded me in Guatama. Egoquim became Algonquin. I am before all other languages; the first spoken words. Before me, man uttered as a beast, but made no words.

4. Pan said: The angels made some men as prophets and healers of the sick. By impression and by voice, taught they the prophets to utter words. These were Pan words; that is, earth words. The prophets taught their brethren. Many words were made sacred, that they might be well learned and sacred.

5. Pan said: I come not in a day, nor in a year, nor in a hundred years. I come not to one man only, but to many. I was uttered differently in different places on the 'Ah', the earth, according to the throats and tongues and lips and their development. Nevertheless, I was the same language.

6. Pan said: I am the key to unlock words. I make all things speak. Asu, the first men, were thus taught. As the camel uttered, so was he called; and the cat and dog and all the living. As the child called his father, so was the name 'man' made. This was in some places, Ghan, and Egan (China); Edam and Edan (Fonece); Adam (Ebra, Hebrew); Puam (Sanscrit); Pam (Vede); Sam (Kii); Ang (Algonquin); Anger (Poit); and Man (English).

7. Pan said: Think not that all the living uttered alike in all places. The wild dog spake not as the tame one; nor the small like the large one. Neither could all Asu utter the same sounds alike. Nevertheless, on the continent of Pan they were taught to name the living after their own speech. Thus was Asu taught of land animals and of the birds and all things whatsoever that utter.

8. Pan said: The wind spake but was seen not. Asu was taught that Corpor, the Seen, was ruled over by Es, the Unseen. In the leaves the wind said Ee; in the ocean surge and in the storm's roar, Oh; and in the winter's whistle, Ih; and he called the Unseen, E-O-Ih; Eolin (Poit); Eolih (Zerl); Eloih (Fonece); Jehovih (Ebra, Hebrew); Wenowin (Algonquin); Egoquim (Huit); Ze-jo-is (China). Nor were these all, for there were many imperfections of His name. He was the Unseen. What the Unseen spake, the Seen should not speak. E-O-IH was Almighty.

9. Pan said: I am language. I am two members, the utterance and the behavior. All things are embraced in my two members. The unmoving are dead; a stone has a name, but no behavior; it is unmoving; it is dead. It is the property of Uz.

10. Pan said: Two behaviors have things. If a man look toward Uz, it is downward; if toward Jehovih, it is upward. If a man march toward Uz, it is war and destruction; if toward Light, it is peace and wisdom. Whoever learneth these, my signs, shall read all languages.




1. Jehovih said: As I caused man to grow, so I caused man's language to grow. Yea, even as the earth matureth in its place, so shall man look backward and judge what has been.

2. According to the time and place of the earth, so spake man. And it was so. And the deviation in the progress of speech was even as the deviation of the vortex of the earth.

3. Even the words of man in ages past shall be revealed by My seers in the time of Kosmon. And it was so.

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